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Bay FM

Bay FM’s catchphrase “Our Community Your Radio” gives an exact expression of the philosophy that is embedded in and which manifests itself in the everyday operations of the station; it is a true community radio service about the community as it serves and operates from within the community a service they can truly call their radio.

Our Listening Community Defined

Bay FM is a responsible and a responsive member of society and has a history of evidence to testify to its commitment and contribution towards community development. Evidence of some of the various community engagement activities can be viewed at
We, however, believe that the community being served by Bay FM should not necessarily be restricted to our allocated broadcasting area, but that we could make a contribution towards development in our extremely challenged rural area in the Eastern Cape Province and beyond.
The following graphs and diagrams provide a synopsis of our current listenership which currently stands at 76 000 (Source: RAMS, March 2020). Social media accounts also assist in getting our message across with Facebook (Main Page) having 15 000+ Likes and Twitter a following of 4000+.

Facts Concerning Community Radio

  • Reaches people in areas un-served by mainstream media
  • Accounts for 22.5% of the total radio listenership in SA
  • Fastest growing medium in SA
  • Delivers niche markets better than any other medium
  • Programming has a local flavour
  • Maximum reach in areas limiting wastage
  • Low costing but delivers affordable high frequency reach campaigns
  • Seen by Government and others as a critical medium of mass communication
  • Approximately 6.3 mil adults in SA listen to Community Radio
  • Around 8% of higher LSM listen to Community Radio

Beyond Traditional Radio Commercial

In addition to traditional radio commercials, we are always eager to plan ‘out of the box’ advertising methods which may include the following:

  • Outside/Direct broadcasts
  • On-air competitions and call to action initiatives
  • Sponsorship and renaming of particular / popular shows
  • Live interviews
  • Pre-recorded programmes
  • Advertising around our news, weather or traffic reports.

Why Advertise On Radio?

We are a time poor generation – Today’s consumer is a moving target. The increased pace of life means everyone is busy. Time is the most precious commodity.

Radio, the portable medium is right there with your consumers, be it in the car, at home or at a desk. It is accessible – unlike other mediums, you can listen while doing other things.

Radio creates theatre of the mind – it uses theatre of the mind to paint a picture or excite an emotion about the advertised product. It stretches the imagination resulting in the listener becoming mentally involved in picturing the benefits of the product.

Radio station loyalty is also a key factor within our Province. People personally choose the radio station that they listen to and therefore tend to be loyal to their station, not program loyal, and hence listen for long periods.

Radio is also intrusive. With you can’t flip the page, you can’t press fast forward as you can with PVR; you listen in real time which means your ad always gets heard. It is accessible to virtually everyone all the time, with little or no effort. It is also flexible.

Radio can create awareness and build a marker presence; it can generate store traffic. When radio advertising is tailor-made for an event it will trigger a call to action response.

Radio is intimate; it is a warm, involving medium where the listener feels they are part of the action not just an observer. It is a very personal relationship where the listeners get to know their favourite radio personalities extremely well. It also provides more than information and entertainment, it becomes a companion – like an old friend and because of this, “messages” come across in a similar way to a ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation.

Contact Information


FAX 086 685 4126
STUDIO LIVE 041 811 3440(VAS Rates Apply) / SMS 34852 (R1.50 per SMS)

227 Cape Road

Mill Park

Port Elizabeth



PO Box 71673


Port Elizabeth

South Africa


Eastern Cape Community Radio Forum


(047) 877 0095/6


086 660 1308


Arthur Tsengiwe College, P.O. Box 997, Cala, 5455