Radio Station

Radio Grahamstown

Radio Grahamstown is a community radio station based in Makhanda. And was first established in 1995. The same year the station applied for a license with the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The station had no studio building at the time, the station secured a slot for Saturdays 7 – 10am with Rhodes Musicc Radio (RMR). With that slot Radio Grahamstown was able to establish an independent brand which was and is still able to cover community issues and promote the city of Grahamstown/Makhanda

Station Profile

We broadcast a daily language content of 60% isiXhosa 30% English and 10% Afrikaans. Our programming format is 60% talk and 40% music. Our target audience is people between the ages 7 – 70 yrs. The station covers Grahamstown and surroundings and very soon it will be covering the entire Sara Baartman District. The radio station has an active online link.


  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Team Work
  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Batho Pele Principles
  • Truth
  • Equality

Vision Statement

We envision a fully functioning, self-sustaining and professional station of choice that meets the needs of the community.

Mission Statement

  • Radio Grahamstown aim:
    To produce radio programs that will unify, enrich, liberate, educate, entertain and build good relations among the people of Grahamstown.
  • To enable the people of Grahamstown to speak and listen to one another.
  • To be a non-partisan promoter of social justice and democracy free of racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination.

Current Management

  • Station Manager
  • Programs Manager
  • Admin Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Key Objectives

Our main objective is to become a well-informed, well managed and corporate citizen of the district that plays an active role in the improvement of social, political, economic and welfare of the community including but not limited to the following:

  • Build a self-sustaining brand which will place the station in a position to be the preferred local broadcaster.
  • Raise brand awareness and brand perception while promoting equity in order to increase audience ratings and listenership.
  • Continue to promote the brand in order to attract partners and increase sales which include advertising sales, sponsorships and revenue from events.

These objectives will be measured through the use of:

  • Brand Awareness Surveys
  • Independent Audience Ratings
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Sales Reports.

Key Achievements and Strengths

  • We have set plans in place to improve the financial position of the station which includes being able to maintain our operation, settling existing debts and remunerating staff.
  • We were able to acquire equipment and we continue to maintain that equipment.
  • The station is able to strengthen its position and relations with existing stakeholders.
  • We continue to allow our community access to radio.
  • The station has permanent premises provided by Makana Municipality and has good relations with the local and district Municipality and stakeholders
  • The station is ready to cover the entire Sara Baartman district Municipality

Contact Details

Tel: 072 458 9255/ 071 591 2646
Physical Address:

86 High Street Grahamstown 6140

Postal Address:

86 High Street Grahamstown 6140

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(047) 877 0095/6


086 660 1308


Arthur Tsengiwe College, P.O. Box 997, Cala, 5455