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Kumkani FM

Kumkani FM is a non- profit organization that is operating in the Buffalo City Metro under the frequency of 95.8 MHz, based in Scenery Park for community broadcasting purposes. The goal of this organization is to give accurate information that will help the youth to participate in the economic growth of the province and country.

Brief Background

Kumkani FM was pronounced as the best community radio station of the year for 2016-2017. This partnership will assist your clients in reaching a wider market.

Kumkani FM has formulated and packed its services in order for your business to accomplish its mission, vision, goals and objectives. The packages are formulated in such a way that long term relationship has discounted rates. The packages are as follows.


Build an entrepreneurial army by constantly supplying information that inspire youth to lead in the economic activities.


Become a credible source of information for entrepreneurs and be benchmarked by the entire sector for excellence.


  • Radio Advertising
  • Outside broadcasting
  • Sound/ Music production
  • Video/ Film production
  • T-shirt printing
  • Live video streaming


The station started operating in November 2013 in terms of listenership the estimate more than 17 000 i.e. 21% of total covered population i.e. 390 000. Now we are on 60 000 listenership.

Our Profile

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Contact Details

OFFICE: 087 350 4313
BONGIWE: 073 105 4254

Eastern Cape Community Radio Forum


(047) 877 0095/6


086 660 1308


Arthur Tsengiwe College, P.O. Box 997, Cala, 5455