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Ekhephini Community Radio

Ekhephini Community Radio was founded in 2006 by Community members of Barkly East.

Company Profile

EKHEPHINI COMMUNITY RADIO NPC is a community radio based in Barkly East in Joe Gqabi Municipality region, which is part of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. This is a non profit organisation that prides itself for being an innovative and empowerment tool in the Joe Gqabi District Municipality region through broadcasting .
Ekhephini Community Radio was founded in 2006 by Community members of Barkly East.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a` not for profit ‘organisation with programming that seeks to inform, entrain and educate our community. We will strive to provide quality broadcasting, through public, private partnership.


Our vision is to develop and empower our community through quality broadcasting services.

Our objectives

Any community would benefit from having its own radio station , end in rural area such as Joe Gqabi the potential value is arguably even greater. Here are just some of the benefits eKhephini Community Radio aims to offer:


  • Community participation. Ekhephini Community Radio will strive to attract people of the ages, all classes end types end encourage community cohesion .it could be a great leveller , end can ease tensions between generation or different villages , local end incomers that the station truly represents The community it claims to represent.
  • Access to information end service: People living in UKhahlamba are often off resources which city dwellers take for granted .EKhephini Community Radio can bring information e.g. Government’s programmes end polices straight into people’s homes.
  • Publicising community activities. In rural areas many community events may go unnoticed outside the single village they occur; EKhephini Community Radio can change that.
  • Maintaining communication identity. In this fast changing world many rural areas feel as if a sense of social cohesion in their villages is dissolving. EKhephini Community Radio will not only maintain that cohesion, It can help adapt to the changing world.
  • Encouraging community cohesion. EKhephini Community Radio will strive to attract people of all ages, all classes and types. It could be great leveller and can ease tensions that between different generation or different village, locals end new incomers.
  • Available of education and training: Ekhephini Community Radio plans to offer accredited training that can boost the skills of the area.
  • Battling isolation. EKhephini Community Radio will add great value to the many people living in rural areas far from neighbours end even further from centres of social activity.
  • Battling Boredom. Young people in particular often complain that there is ‘nothing to do ‘in smaller town and villages . Ekhephini Community Radio will fill that gap.
  • Democratic participation. Geographical constraints mean that election candidates and elected politician are less available to their voters rural areas that urban ones. Political phone-in show and debate will add real value to rural votes.
  • Discussion of local issues. Isolated communication often have localised problems, such as difficulties with public transport service delivery, Joe Gqabi is no different. These may be below the radar of even the local commercial station, but is of significant importance to Ekhephini Community Radio who will offer that platform
  • Confidence and pride in the area . EKhephini Community Radio will strive to foster a sense of activity, of vitality, of confident in the whole area and That the station will be managed competently, honestly and effectively.

Contact Details

Physical Address:

No 11

De Villiers Street Barkly East


Station Manager

Phumlani Xanasi
Contacts: (+27) 742578799

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Tel: 0459710019

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