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Hearing our listeners’ voice, always brings pleasure. As Unitra Community Radio (UCR-FM) we are always glad to hear the voice of our listeners, business partners, government and social organizations. The pleasure is derived from constructive conversations, entertainment, educational programs and projects that the station embarks on with stakeholders.

Rate Card

The interaction with clients becomes the final determiner of the rate card depending on the audience required. Our audience is not the same for programs. There are prime time slots which are the morning (06-09 am, Mondays to Fridays), (06-09 Saturday), Afternoon Mondays to Fridays. (15-18 pm), and early evening slots, Monday to Friday.
There are particular concessions based on package a partner has agreed to purchase based on the effort put in producing such a package.

A detailed plan for a particular media campaign and a pitch are key documents that contain final costs for airtime and production costs. UCR FM has qualified media buyers and media planners to offer advice on packages for media buying and production options.

A media campaign might include other provisions that are not particular offered by UCR FM for instance if a client requests. For example a client might request pamphlets to be distributed in taxi ranks with information that is already being broadcast by UCR fm. UCR FM will work with the clients to ensure that the campaign is done simultaneously and successfully.


According to BRC RAMS Unitra Community Radio has a listenership of 350 000.


UCR-FM is a Regional radio station under the OR Tambo District municipality it is located to the east of the Eastern Cape Province, on the Indian Ocean coastline. It is bordered by the Alfred Nzo District Municipality to the north, the Joe Gqabi District Municipality to the north-west, the Chris Hani District Municipality to the west and the Amathole District Municipality to the south-west

UCR-FM broadcasts

UCR-FM broadcasts to these following town main towns are Mthatha, Ngcobo, Mount Frare, Idutywa, Butterworth,Flagstaff, Libode, Lusikisiki, Mqanduli, Ngqeleni, Port St Johns, Qumbu and Tsolo.
  • The surrounding towns also have their own shopping malls, however during paydays consumers flock to Mthatha for shopping as Mthatha historically has always been seen as a capital town of the region.


  • The economic sectors are community services, trade, finance, agriculture, transport, manufacturing and construction.


  • Potential for growth in the region is very high for businesses.


  • R Tambo Municipalities demographics revealed a healthy growing population.


  • OR Tambo District Municipality has a population that totals 1.5 million people.


  • Demographics of OR Tambo District show a population of 1457 384 around the ages of 15-64:56.5% and a population of under 15:38.9% and a population over 65 is 4.5%.We have a population of  78% in Xhosa 10 % in Afrikaans and 5% in English


  • The LSM classification for UCR-FM listeners is LSM 6-8 and LSM 8-10 averaging 10% of the population

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